As always if you take the rumors and run just mention where you got them from and make sure to have fun!

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With the Grey Knights incoming in April (predicted here first). I think it is about time we get some more information out there. Just use your magic mouse to see…

The Grey Knights are getting a new unit or they are getting an upgrade that causes an automatic hit to any enemy model in base-to-base with them. This hit wounds on a 4+ regardless of enemies toughness with normal saves allowed and occurs before ALL attacks (think old mandiblasters), but still adds to combat resolution at the end of combat.

Besides the latest rumor I would like to announce that just like when the Dark Eldar codex release their will be a “codex release party” where you can get a sneak peek at the latest and greatest the GK have to offer as well ask any questions. More details to be announced in the future. In the meantime sign up for the Blood of Kittens Network if you haven’t already (its free and easy) and you get emails when the latest rumors or contests are announced.

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