Just a quick post about another GT that went on last a few weeks ago. Held in lovely Media Pennsylvania the Valentines Day Massacre has been going on for a couple of years with great success.

This years winner was Andrew Gonyo an IG player that already got his ticket this from another GT this year. So the ticket went to 2nd best overall Vincent Pau another IG player.

Best General got the second ticket and it went to a Vulcan Space Marine list by Tim Hudak that looked something like this…

Tim Hudak SVDM 1850

As for Vincent Pau list I bet looked something like this…

Valkyrie/Vendetta 1-3

Chimera 2-6

Hydra 1-2

Manticore 1-2

Vets yawn yawn

or I could be wrong, but I am not holding my breath

One of the participants took a lot of pictures of the event so if you want to see those follow these links.



Also here are the overall results from the event click to expand.

If you want to know more information there is an extensive thread on DakkaDakka about it.