With great happiness the Bay Area is finally getting a comp free (at least for 40k) GT style event!

Announcing the Bay Area Open! An 1850 Warhammer 40K and 2250 Fantasy tournament for the Bay Area of California.

This is a true Grand Tournament style event, 6 games over 2 days, July 30-31st at the Contra Costa County Fairgrounds.

This event was built on the ideals of fun, simplicity and sticking to the game that we all know and love. As such, there will be nearly no player created rules mechanics, nearly everything is straight out of the core rule books or very near to them. What this means is that any player, from any background can come and be on a level playing field. This also means there will be no “comp” scores. If the list is legal, then it is welcome at our event! There will also be a very simple and open sportsmanship scoring system to encourage fair and fun play and discourage chipmunking.

We will be using a Swiss style format, with players playing other players with the same record as they have. We are using a straight W/L/D format with no battle points. What this means is, at the end of the event, like the Highlander, there can be only one! A single player in both Fantasy and 40K will emerge as the tournament champion to claim an amazing prize: a full army of their choice!

There will also be loads of prizes for man other categories, including a super secret prize that will be given to every single attendee!

The venue is very large and each table will be 8′ long, so no crowded and sweaty rooms! We also pledge to have ample terrain on every board, so no open table!

We will be providing pizza and drinks during the event for a very reasonable cost, and while we won’t be selling any alcohol, so long as you are over 21 you are welcome to bring your own!

We also have a deal with a local hotel for cheap rooms if you would like to stay overnight, so let us know if you will be requiring accommodations!

This is a tournament all about competing at your favorite game in a straightforward, fun format!

Check out our site at Bloodofkittens.com/bayareaopen for complete information and get excited for the Bay Area Open!

Also want to let everyone we have 10 days left for the Adepticon Display Board contest so please end in your submissions ASAP!