It is almost that time again…

Adepticon 2011!!

And just like last year  (starting Thursday) updates will be flying left and right with Blood of Kittens bringing you video, pictures, and analysis of the biggest event in Wargaming. Here is a loose rundown of how the coverage will work.

  • Thursday arrival with quick overview of where all the action is going to happen.
  • Friday complete coverage of Day 1 of the 40k championship with pictures and video of the best looking and winning armies.
  • Saturday is the Team tournament where me and my friends from Tie or Table will play four games and grovel in hopes of winning something. As well  the winner of Blood of Kittens make my display board contest will be crowned.
  • Sunday more coverage of the 40k Championship finals. Will provide streaming video courtesy of The Independent Characters Podcast for anyone to watch and comment.
  • List of winners and lists from all the major events will be provided.
  • Tuesday will be Blood of Kittens wrap up/postmortem about what is sure to be the largest Adepticon ever.

As always if you have any suggestions or specifics you want covered let me know either by email or in comments. Between the Independent Characters podcast, 11th Company podcast, Bell of Lost Souls, Rankings HQ, Blood of Kittens you will be covered.

To get you ready here are some links and video from last year Adepticon and previews for the this year.

A test run (with TastyTaste playing) by The Independent Characters of what you can expect to see from the top two tables at the 40k Championships.

Video streaming by Ustream

Video streaming by Ustream

11th Company Pre-Adepticon Show


RankingsHQ Adepticon Preview Video


Links from last year Blood of Kittens coverage of Adepticon

Adepticon 2010 Adepticon 2010 Coverage Oh, Drama Good Times

Anyway have to get back to painting Orks in time for my flight on Thursday morning. As always let me know what you want to see and time willing it will happen!