Hey guys heading to bed soon,  but just wanted to give you a heads up on some of the other coverage going around about Adepticon. As well as the winner of our display board contest. Let us start with the other coverage.



Bell of Lost Souls


As for the Team Tourney results…

The Team Tourney was won by Rob Baer of Spikey Bits Blood Angel abomination. Taking second was last year’s winner Son of Shatner.

As for my Team Tie or Table we did indeed table some players, but alas our second game we got kinda raped. I ended up going 3-1 in my games which is not too shabby. The guys over at the Independent Characters Podcast got some great film of our team playing so will put that up when it happens. Anyway enough about me I am sure at least a few of you want to know who won the display board contest. First here are the pictures of what 20 bucks at Target and a little American engineering can accomplish.


I think it compares quite well to everything else we saw at the team tournament. So the winner of the contest and a $50 buck GW gift card is….

Phil Walters aka Furious Phil for his wonderful haters going to hate “counts as” everything drawing. I want to thank everyone for sending in submissions. You all did some great ones and I wish we could have found a way to put all of them on our board, but almost a hundred submissions would have been a very long high school art project.

One thing last thing of note. Coverage for the 40k championship finals will be coming once I wake up. I will have the live ustream of the final table linked from The Independent Characters to Blood of Kittens as well as interviews and pictures. It should be a blast!