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The Elite 8 are…

Space Wolves vs. Space Wolves

Orks vs. Blood Angels

Khan SM vs. Nids

Blood Angels vs. Imperial Guard

Deamons are out =( and Reece Robbins lost his first game.

Here are some pics of the those top tables currently.The Final Four are…

Space Wolves Grey Hunter Spam
Imperial Guard Vet and Valks
Horde Orks
Hybid Stealer Guant Nids

This is what they look like…

So it is down to the final two and the Cinderellas are all gone. The winner of last year’s Nova Open with Space Wolves is up against Mech IG. I have to admit I am shockingly pulling for the IG. The list on closer look is pretty hybrid besides the vet squads. It has some Hellhounds and Russes as well as Heavy weapon teams. So it should be a good match. The Space Wolf player has sqeecked by almost every game so this will be his final test to see if he can win 8 games in a row at Adepticon.Ok turn one guys has just started. we have dawn of war deployment. SW player went first, but got seized on by the IG

IG first round of shooting going fairly well. Njal rhino wreck and Long fangs squad neutered…Space Wolf top of 2 wolves move up then proceed to Immolize a vend and explodes the vend and chimera explode. Top of turn 3 for IG blows up a rhino immobilizes a razorback and picking at Njah squad.

SW turn bottom turn three…Russ weapon destroy. Manticore stunned. Two Chimera destroyed so far… not looking good for IG.

IG top of 4…. Killed Njal squad whittled down some grey hunters. SW bottom turn 4 clean up starts takes out heavy weapon teams abs stuns some more vehicles. SW kill another melta squad.

IG top of 5…Grey hunter squad bites it and another is whittled down. Bottom 5 SW.

SW really getting into full clean up mode might table IG if goes to 7….

Well games ends and SW have won and the netlisters rejoice!

Having watch Tony Kopach the 17 year old Space Wolf wunderkin– what can I say? He out played his opponent on that last game even with the IG seizing. He used the terrain to his advantage and provided enough cover saves to protect his transports as they moved up. On turn three all of Tony’s dice just lit up with 5 and 6s on damage table rolls. So by then it was just a matter of his Grey Hunters finishing off the easy bits inside. Overall the game was fast paced and easy to watch. Was not really inspiring though. I have seen this battled played out over the last year time and time again. I think if Tony would have played the Nid list that almost made it, we would have had a real classic on our hands. So I am tired– might have more stuff up later tonight, otherwise thank you everyone that watched the live broadcast and followed the blog. Next up WargamesCon and I cannot wait.