Here is some posts that roundup the events that feed into Throne of Skulls Games Workshop annual Tournament for the month of July.

If you ever wonder what the sound of a dying GT is like look no further then Bolter Beach. One of the few well-known events held in Florida it’s never been a large affair, but this year it only had 12 40k participants. Typically I don’t bad mouth an event, (this wasn’t a case of some evil organizer) it was just a case of bad planning and no advertising.¬† Running a GT seems to involve a lot of gamer corralling and promotion this event really neither… at least it had a website and mission packet. From the Interwebs not many people liked the missions with some not deciding to attend because of them. Here take a look.

Bolter Beach Missions

As for the results here is the look at the winning Dark Eldar list by Lance Naumann

Lance Naumann Overall Winner Bolter Beach

Looking at the list I am sure it could of done really well at any event, just sad that to see Florida one of the largest populated areas in America doesn’t seem to have much in the way of large 40k events.