Here is some posts that roundup the events that feed into Throne of Skulls Games Workshop annual Tournament for the month of July.

The first event of July was Brawlcon held in Hudson Massachusetts. It had 21 participants with a large amount of prize support and a high quality of players attending. Another important thing about Brawlcon this year was they did away with comp for 2011.

Here is the break down of the results from the event.

Ben Mohlie      102   Best overall
Ragnar Arnenson   101 Best General
Alex Fennell   97
Wyatt Traina   91
Matt Bennett   85
Sam Gould      80
Ryan deane                        75
Matt Cassidy   75
Rick James            68
Simon Leen      67 Best Painted
Graham Rockwell   65
Chris Bradley   64
Tom Greene   61 Best Sport
Troy Esposito   60
Will Souza      60
Gil Fuhr      53
Keith Bonneau   52
Tyler Gilbert   50
Alicia Ling      43
Rob Cline      41
Jamie Morris   28

Ben Mohlie won this event with Vulcan Space Marines with a very similar list to the won he used at WargamesCon. I am pretty sure it looking something like this…

Ben Mohile Brawlcon Best Overall List

In addition only one point separated the top two spots. 2nd place was a mixed Chaos Space Marine force and Dark Angels took third place. If you are interested in seeing pictures and reading more coverage event check out these links…

BrawlCon 2011 Pictures

BrawlCon 2011 Pictures 2

BrawlCon 2011 Coverage

BrawlCon 2011 Coverage 2

Next up Bolter Beach…