Here are tournament results for August 2011 from events that feed into Throne of Skulls Games Workshop annual Tournament.

The Warmaster Challenge is advertised as one of the largest Canadian tournaments, the singles event had 60 players. The Warmasters Challenge is a pretty standard event with soft scores counting for 50% of your score. Though comp is not included. For a complete look at the scoring here is the Warmaster’s player pack.

Warmasters Challenge Player Pack

The Warmasters Challenge’s missions used table quarters, kill points, victory points, and objectives. It was a 1850 event. As for the winner of the event Jonathan Ho took Best Overall with Space Wolves. I don’t know what was in his list, but I am going to go out on a limb and say it had lots of Grey Hunters and Long Fangs. A really cool thing about Jonathan is that he is Golden Demon winner. I would take a gander at his professional website, it has some great looking figs!

The complete results from the event can also be found here.

Warmasters Challenge 2011 Results

If you want to see more photos from the event here is a link to some 90 of them.

Warmasters Challenge 2011 Photo Gallery

Nate and the other TOs seem to always put on a good event, with few complaints or drama.