So five KP’s done with and 13 to go, not so bad really.

The last five took what seemed like hours and hours to do over the first half, It just dragged on and on , probably about 11 hours or thereabouts for all five. I guess that it fast-ish all things considered and If I can keep the momentum up should mean I complete the army just in time…..

I’m going to be doing a warrior Venom today then I have no Idea what I want to do, Taking votes in the comment box below , choosing from Reavers, a warrior Squad, the second Truborn squad or the Archon.

And here’s something which amused me thats on topic for this blog, I wanted to share  it with you all.

Check out the rest of Wobbly model syndrome if you have not already, a bit o good light 40k humor for everyone there.

Also for my readers, you lucky lucky souls, we have another Rant first! SinSyn of HOP infamy, their resident rabid Xenos proponent will be bringing us an Eldar themed guest article from the fetid bowels of his overstimulated humor organ. I’m looking forward to it ;o)

*Warning, may contain traces of tentacles*