Here are some results for the month of August from events that feed into Throne of Skulls Games Workshop annual Tournament.

Sometimes even the vastness of the Internet cannot reveal all the answers I seek! This happened when I tried to find exactly what was in the lists of two GT winners.

The first event I couldn’t find details for was 40kon held in Butte Montana it had only 12 players and legend has it a Ghaz Mech Ork list took Best Overall. The best coverage for the event can be found here at…

Best Overall Blog

If anyone knows exactly what was in the Ork list, please post in the comments.

The other mystery event was the Game Summit Skirmish in Ottawa Canada. Now I could find results and pictures from the event, but I still have no idea what army let alone list Will Paul ran to win best overall at this event.

Here is a blog though that covered the event.

Legion Minimus

Like I said it was pretty easy to find the results, but seemingly impossible to find exactly what army or list Will Paul used to win!

Game Summit Forums

So if anyone knows what Will run, please post in the comments!