The owner of [url][/url] which makes the super cool Display Tower cases contacted me and asked the Zero Comp team to help him with a promotional event to help launch his new company. Since he and his business partner would be in my area I was happy to help out.

So here’s the details: [color=red][size=18]1850 Points $5 Entry Fee[/size][/color]

Location: [url][/url]

Sunday, October 2nd Battle Bunker Games, Antioch, CA

3 rounds of play.

2 hours 15 minutes per round with 15 minutes between rounds.

30 minutes lunch.

Check in is 10am.

Book Missions.

Sweet terrain.

No comp.

Thumbs up, thumbs down sports.

Close to the freeway, and all kinds of good spots for eats during lunch.


Prizes for best painted, first and second! Door Prizes every round!

Prizes for headhunting! If you beat a Zero Comp team-member, or one of the TableWar team, you get a prize!

Door prizes every round!

And the grand prize, a $200 gift certificate for a TableWar display tower of your choice! That buys you an entire case!

I bought one of the first cases to come out as I had seen them and was really excited for how awesome they would be in tournament play, and for storage.

Here is a quick review of my case right after I got it: [url][/url] This event will take the place of the usual Battle Bunker Games tournament for the month of October.