Yeah, thassright, I procrastinated my arse off this weekend, saturday saw minimal progress on these two, probably only had the metals and red uplighting knocked on the head  before I snuck around to Frontline Gamers hobby church with sacrificial offerings of cake, chocolate and crisps (the holy trinity) for my Infinity Baptism … I have admired the system from afar but there’s nothing like getting stuck in to get some context is there?

I really urge the painters and strategists amongst you to check INFINITY out, full Rules set is free (though the book is Nerdporn), and the flash army builder program I deeply love, aside from one niggle and for those with smart-phones, oh yes a quick reference free online rules wiki.

I’ll cut it short here but I really liked the game, It was very enjoyable I can certainly see it shaping up to be a fast paced game with many layers of strategy subsequently pushing many of my buttons that are left unpushed by 40k. Monday saw a further omen when I was presented with an 18% off code for Maelstrom games (had to be non GW) also whts not to like on free shipping on orders over a tenner ? so I took the plunge on some Combined as the models reach the itch thats hard to scratch (oh glorious hallowed lovely metal alloy). After ToS I’ll be launching a separate blog to to chart my new experiences with Infinity , not only my first stumbling games but hopefully some stellar paint jobs, as 1.) the models are Bi-Winning and the model count is certainly painter friendly, I’ll never have to paint more than a handful of the same model so I can go to town, oddly it will be aliens (again) and they will be very dark, alien and menacing (again) , though no black this time ;o)

Anyway I digress, this post is about the Venoms I painted, so I’ll continue, yep Friday was a tragic painting time car-crash so when I finally forced myself to get on with it  on Sunday it was a case of finish them or fall horribly behind, I finished both in about seven hours  but at 1AM. I had  to be up for work at 7AM the next day and was running the games club on Monday so thats why the pics are late in coming. I’m utterly shattered atm , doing the painting is like a second Job and I really don’t enjoy the one I already have …..


All Venoms Complete.

This week in the Evenings I hope to finish a five man Warrior squad and It’s the last Ravager at the weekend, the distraction harpy is away so It’s chances of completion are dramatically increased.

And here’s why I Went with Combined army , the model is even sweeter in the flesh, believe . Its so far removed from finecrap I nearly cried nerdtears when I got to handle it, a beautiful thing for sure.

Soon Folks