As I was going through some posts over at the BoK 40k Blogs site I came across this little link that left really dumbfounded. A month or so ago I wrote brief article alerting folks to one of the best looking armies I had seen in a long time. So I was shocked to find out that the creator and owner of  that fantastic army has decided to sell it off.

For some reason I got mad.

An anger I couldn’t explain and as the hours went on disappointment also decided to crept in.

I thought this

army was a work of art and the idea of it being sold to some nameless face just didn’t sit well.

Honestly, no one really has a right to get all angry– it is Jack Campbell’s army and he can do what he wants with it. I just couldn’t ever see myself selling away what I thought was a labor of love. It got me thinking back my Everquest MMO days when the first people started selling their characters. All of sudden people I thought I knew where now someone else. The notion that someone could just swoop in and buy hours of raiding and leveling with a few key strokes over paypal became pure anathema to many. What did it say about all the hours I spent? The same reason I would never sell the armies I painted (maybe trade) just makes me think what is the point?

I just don’t get it. Jack Campbell was going through some burnout over the whole thing (understandable), but to then slap some $$ and throw in the towel seems like overreaction. I could understand if he had some life changing experience or wanted to get out of the hobby all together. I could understand if it was a commission in the first place. This is different– this army was on the front page of Games-Workshop site! I don’t understand making blog, Facebook page, and promoting such an endeavor just to simply sell to the highest bidder. Maybe this was his plan all along to generate interest and sell when the price was right, either way it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Sure I am over reacting, but I am curious if I am not alone to feel a bit cheated. A week ago Jack Campbell seemed like any old hobbyist with a passion for the fluff and the game. Today it looks like that army is gone and Jack Campbell will be moving on to Krieg for his next project. As much as I am sure it will look fantastic, I won’t be following. I see no reason I should put the effort in following his endeavors if he isn’t going to cherish his own. Today though he seems like just another opportunist that never had intention of keeping the army in the first place. Like I said I am pretty sure I am over reacting…