Yeah,  JG , or GOD as he’s correctly referred to round these parts must be snorting into his beer high on the amount of pain points clearly earned from me this weekend, you twisted fuck! (I knew we would get on) again the Ravager sucked me dry, its like an eternal limbo of never ending non-progress, still on a positive note , No more vehicles for this 1750army .

The third one I own thats still boxed is getting traded for a Void, two is enough for me, I like being able to cycle at least one Void/Razor/Reaper/whatever in and out and if I ever have to paint another my brain shall be rendered unto vegetable matter…

Down to six models for the army , 4 Trueborn will be getting pushed out in the evenings this week leaving the weekend clear for back-to-back Characters, hopefully giving me 5 days of blissful nothing /Bernard Cornwell’s new book. Deus Ex is planned for post tourney ;o)

In other News Frontline Gamer took me through my first larger Infinity game so I could see TAGS at work. It was fun me like, though my dicefail has made the leap cross-system and saw me bumble to death my two most important models with some Lol-tastic runs of dice. *sigh* does not matter what system, if I need high I roll low, if I need low I roll high, I think I can safely say I did some bad things in a previous life.

I’m also going to do a review on the Infinity books at some point because they are luscious Nerd-Porn and I wanna share !