Here are some results for the month of October from events that feed into Throne of Skulls Games Workshop annual Tournament.

One of the more publicized events in the country (thanks to a confluence of bloggers) is Battle for Salvation GT, just added GW circuit for the first time. It was held earlier this October in New York state. The Battle for Salvation had 56 participants and the winner of the Golden Ticket was Grey Knights played by Neil W Gilstrap of 11th Company fame. His list combo-ed typical Grey Knight tricks with some pretty sweet other ones. Here is a pdf of his list…

Neil Gilstrap’s Grey Knights Battle of Salvation Best Overall Winner

For a complete Battle Report check out 11th Company Podcast on the matter and Neil’s Battle Report here…

Also if you want to see a complete breakdown of the players and matchups throughout the two-days Danny Internets at Bald and Screaming as the info.

Did I mention coverage? Yeah, well here highlights of coverage from the event.

That should be enough to fill anyone with Battle of Salvation joy. As always you can see what tournaments are coming down the pike at

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