Here are some results for the month of October from events that feed into Throne of Skulls Games Workshop annual Tournament.

Earlier this month the Da Grand Waaagh took place in the San Francisco Bay Area on an aircraft carrier the Hornet. This was the third year for the event and once again it did not disappoint. Even better there was no drama that plagued last years’ event! Da Grand Waaagh is one of the few large comped events left in America and a heavy focus on other soft scores. Even with the soft scores one of the best players in the county happened to win best overall. Reece Robbins took best overall with his Bjorn lead Space Wolves list. Here is a link to the list and his battle report.

Da Grand Waagh Best Overall Report

I was also in attendance for the last day and took pictures and chatted with some friends. Here is my collection of pictures I took.


As well there is a butt load of coverage from many blogs and sites across the Interwebs.

Let us not forget the podcast reports as well.

That should take care of any Da Grand Waaagh fixes you might have. As well Dakkadakka has more battle reports from various folks if you so desire.