As everyone knows the Necrons will be invading your local gaming store this weekend and once again Blood of Kittens will provide coverage and answer any remaining questions people might have. Now in the past before GW’s great policy change I would cover the Black Box release of a new codex, but this time with everyone free to buy the dex at release this endeavor might not have the same benefit as past Q&As.

So this is going to be an experiment to see if such endeavor is still worth it. The hope is to target the many folks unable to get down to a store and pick up the codex before the weekend. I also think this is a much easier way to answer questions then flipping through endless forums trying to find the answer to one particular question.

As well, I will sneak in some “extra PAGES of stuff” if you know what I mean 😉

Just remember the party won’t start until sometime Nov. 4th PST time.

In the meantime, use the comment section to ask any lingering questions you haven’t seen answered. Please, if someone sees a question they think they can answer go for it, I will just confirm it.

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Questions will be repeated in the body of Friday’s post and answer much like a Games Workshop FAQ.

All right let us see how this goes and get excited for the Necrons!