Let us jump right into with the questions asked from the pervious post. If you have any other questions go right ahead and add them to this post, I will get to them when I can.

Q: Mercutioh asked

Are there any FOC swaps or do immortals and Warriors make up the sum total of troop choices again? If so what moves where?

A: Like Kira said we have no FoC swaps at all, but you can add Necron Lords and Crypteks to your units making Immortals and Warriors not so boring.

Q: JCarter

What exactly are Pariahs, Tomb Spiders, and Wraiths replaced with (stats, wargear, etc)

A: Like Kira said Pariahs are gone, but the Lychguards are the “closest” to the mark. As for Tomb Spiders they are now called Canoptek Spyder to make them sound extra Eypatian and Wraiths the same called Canoptek Wraiths.

Canotek Wraiths: FA 35pts up to six wraiths in a unit.

WS     BS     S     T     W     I     A     Ld     Sv
4        4     6     4       2    2      3      10       3+

Jump Infantry, Fearless

Phase Shifter: 3+ Invul

Phase Attacks: Attacks Rending

Wraithflight: Immunit Difficult and Dangerous Terrain

Upgrades: Partical Caster 5pts, Whip Coils 10 pts, Transdimensional Beamer 15 pts

Canoptek Spyder: Heavy 50 up to three Spyders in a unit

WS     BS     S     T     W     I     A     Ld     Sv
3        3     6     6      3    2      2      10       3+

Monstrous Creature, Fearless

Scarab hive: Create Scarabs on 2+ and burn out on a roll of one

Upgrades: Fabricator claw array 10pts 4+ vehicle repair, Gloom prism  15pts psychic powers negated on 4+ in a 3″ bubble from the Spyder, 25pts twin-linked particle beam

Q: Seductivpancakes

Stormlord: exact details!

A: Imptekh The Stormlord: HQ 225 pts

WS     BS     S     T     W     I     A     Ld     Sv
4        4     5    5      3    2      3      10       2+

Wargear: Bloodswarm nanoscarabs: Flayed Ones can DS 6″ from a selected unit, Gauntlet of fire, Phase shifter, Phylactery, Sempiternal weave, Staff of the Destroyer: Str 8 ap 1 draw a straight line 2d6 everything is hit

Humiliating Defeat: add D3 to combat resolution if an IC is killed by Stormlord

Hpyerlogical Strategy: Seize initiative on 4+, but not Orks

Lord of Storm: Roll for Night Fight every turn roll D6 for every enemy unit hit by str 8 ap 5 if Stormlord rolls a 6 as long as Night Fight is up.

Q: Joefex

How do Crypteks work and what special wargear do they get?

A: Crypteks are part of the Royal Court and can work like Wolf Guard and be added to Warriors, Immortals, Lychguard, or Deathmarks or you can attach them to an Overlord.

Crypteks get Wargear called Harbingers and each Cryptek can only take one type of Harbinger which is unique to each Cryptek (unless you  take a second Royal Court)


Abyssal Staff: Template Str 8 Ap 1 wounds against LD and cannot effect vehicles

Nightmare Shroud: Instead of shooting force a unit within 18″ inches to pass a Moral check

Veil of Darkness: Unit and Cryptek deepstrike instead of move.


Eldritch Lance 36″ str 8 ap 2 assault 1 weapon

Gaze of Flame: Unit and Cryptek get defensive grenades

Solar Pulse: One use only negate Night Fight or cause Night Fight


Aeonstave: unsaved wounds force models to lose fleet and reduce WS BA I A to one for the remainder of the game.

Chronometron: Cryptek or Unit can re-roll one D6 per phase

Timesplinter Cloak: 3+ invul


Ether Crystal: Deep Strikers landing within 6″ take D6 Str 8 Ap 5 hits

Lightning Field: Units assaulting Cryptek or his unit suffer D6 str 8 ap 5 hits

Voltaic Staff: Range 12″ Str 5 Ap – Assault 4, Haywire


Harp of Dissonance: Range Infinite, Str 6 ap – Assault 1 Entropic Strike

Seismic Crucible: Reduce assault range by D3 by anyone that tries to assault Cryptek or his unit.

Tremorstave: 36″ Str 4 AP – Assault 1, Blast, Quake: units hit are not in difficult terrain for their next turn.

Q: RunforFun

Picture of the summary page?

A: Now RunforFun that would be against the legal terms set out by GW, but just for you if I find someone else with a pic I will sure to link it here. I say try back in 8 hours or so 🙂

Q: willisika

Can flayed ones get any power weapons or they just cheap attacks?

A: Flayed ones are pretty craptabuler joining Mandrakes in the dark shadow where no one plays them and no they don’t get power weapons or anything for that matter, but you can have a unit of 20 of them if you want!

Q: Chisel

Weapon stats and special rules please please PLEASE !!!! heh

A: I like your enthusiasm Chisel, but that might draw the ire of GW. Like I told RunforFun maybe in about 8 hours check back and see if I found something from another source 🙂

Q: Accipiter

I want to know more about any new units that aren’t in the first wave of releases.

A: I am going to use this question to rant a bit. First off GW made a big mistake by not releasing the Night Scythe/Doom Scythe in the first wave, instead we got overcosted Ark units. Why is this bad? Well because Night Scythes are the best/cheapest Transport in the book and dare I predict maybe the game. Why? If they fucking blow the transport up guess what? Your unit is put in reserve instead of being assault or shot at! The potential to create game breaking scenarios is endless. I am already designing Monolith combos. Anyway rant over. As for the other missing units we have a few special characters, also will have wait for the finecast release of Wraiths and Tomb Spyders. We are also missing the Triarch Stalker Tripod looking badass and Tomb Blades jetbike units for completely new models.

Q: Vicarmanz

What is the Triarch Stalker and info on the new jump pack troops.

Triarch Stalker: Elites 150pt

WS     BS     S     I     A     Front Armour     Side Armour     Rear Armour
    4      4       7     2     3                  11                        11                           11

Open Topped Walker, Living Metal, Move Through Cover


Heat Ray:  24″ str 8 ap 1 Heavy 2, Melta or Template Str 5 Ap 4 Heavy 1

Quantum shielding: so makes them 13/13/10

Targeting Relay: Markerlight enemy units to give twin-linked to other units shooting at unit

Triarch Praetorians: Elites 40 pts each unit of 5 200pts

WS     BS     S     T     W     I     A     Ld     Sv
4        4     5     5      1    2      1      10       3+

Jump Infantry, Fearless, Reanimation Protocols


Rod of covenant: 6″ range, str 5 ap 2 assault 1 Power Weapon

or for free switch to

Voidblades: Rending, Entropic Strike


Particle Caster: 12″ Str 6 ap 5 pistol

So while everyone is going gaga for scarab swarms eating mech these expensive buggers might have a better chance of cracking vehicles then scarabs and you can add a Destroyer Lord for extra punch and a rez orb.

Q: Azmodan

Tasty pleeeeeeease tell me they nerfed the Monolith and What about sweeping rules effects against Reanimation protocol?

A: I am guessing you are refering to Monolith not having lance and melta protection? If that is the case you are correct they lose that, but also lose about 50 points which in all honest might make them better then before. As for sweeping Necrons anytime they are forced to fall back they leave dead behind, so that means they cannot reanimate, but for the few fearless units they will still be able to reainmate.



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