I usually try not to bandwagon on to other stories around the 40k Internet, but over the last few days people have been all a twitter with the news that someone in Greece thinks Warhammer 40k is a Neo-Nazi plot to corrupt Grecian boys.


I know from a country that doesn’t pay its own taxes and wonders why it cannot afford any services, only to hold Europe hostage over its financial failings. More importantly than dealing with these inherent structural and social issues, the Greek media instead took the time write a story focusing on the obvious fascist agenda that is right now festering in the hearts of nerds across the globe.

If you have no idea what I am talking about all you need to do is check BoLS or read the 40k gamer that broke the story in the first place…


Just today strangely enough are much beloved GW legal team is looking into the matter! If Blood Angels and Necrons can work together then by God GW legal and us players can unite to set the record straight!

That is what this post is about: solidarity!

This is our time to declare our own axis of evil!

Time for us to put aside our usually topics, competitive, fluffy bunny, Matt Ward, Finecast, Grey Knights, Xenos vs. Marines, price hikes, gamer girls, Justin Beiber, and focus on the true threat…

The Single Greek Female Journalist

Of course, I have no evidence that she is single, but the man hate seething from the article screams, someone just found the boyfriend with either a goat, his mother, another man, or all of the above.

But really, if you are interested in keeping tabs on this developing story check out…


for all the details.

Also if you want to write a lovely letter to the editor telling him just how you really feel about the poorly arranged slander against our game!

Here are the emails.