What you are about to see is a peek inside Games Workshop, in an obvious shareholder/corporate presentation with a lot of GW love. Regardless of the corporate spin this video is an excellent look behind the scenes at GW.  The video focuses on the distribution of GW products which is fascinating and shows (perhaps) the myth of Chinese labor as the heart of GW manufacturing to untrue. I really enjoyed the part about how metal models were created especially in light of the switch over to resin. Makes you wonder where all those jobs and metal materials went to? Also did anyone else notice that metal casters were wearing chain mail?

Anyway take a look this is a great informational video. Remember nothing is cooler than a GW store in a castle attached to a pub!




Here as an added bonus some old GW store commercials

The first one has one too many paid female actors!


This second one is quite waaagderful!