Let us do some Tourney catch up for the month of November.

November saw events packed in the weeks just before Thanksgiving, one of these events was MechaniCon which continues to come close to taking the title for most expensive GT in the country with tickets going for (I believe) $125 a pop. Even with the high cost MechaniCon garnered 44 players and great looking tables.

As for the winner of the over GT well that is sorta shrouded in mystery. It was easy to find the name of the winner Simon Leen, but what exactly was in his list is any ones guess. What I do know is Simon won with Blood Angels which is a change from the army he is known for Sisters of Battle. So I guess it ended up being no surprise when he used his SoB models to “counts as” Blood Angels. What little could be gleaned about his list came from a short battle report where it said he used a combination of Jump and Mech. What is impressive is that this is one of the few GTs to have a Blood Angel winner. So I am curious what was in his list.

SO If anyone has any idea what was in his list please comment!

MechaniCon had a bit of coverage and here is links to all the important stuff.

If you are looking for pictures head on over to MechaniCon Facebook page.

Event Pictures

If you are looking for results then look here…


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