The Feast of Blades had flown under the 40k GT radar (till this year) as one of the best kept secrets tournament secrets– that has all changed. It seemed like every 40k website promoted the event this year. The Feast of Blades like other major GTs has events not related to the invitational, but the invitational was no doubt the headliner.What made Feast of Blades different from other events is the invitational system designed (the correct way) to pick the best players from independent stores across the Midwest. Image if Ard’ Boyz was done proper and you would have Feast of Blades.


2011 year brought some of the best players west of the Mississippi with over 50 players in total attending. The Overall Winner ended up being Nick (Darkwynn) Rose with his Black Templars. If you remember Nick is back had just picked  another GT win at Da Boyz using a comp friendly version of his list. Even with the kids gloves off Nick brought Black Templars again in what looks to be preview of the army he will be taking to Adepticon 2012. Here take a look…

Nick Rose Feast of Blades’s Overall Champion

For the complete results check out the Feasts of Blades Website here at…

Feasts of Blades also had Ustream that covered the top table.

Here is a link just click on the archives for the videos.

Here is a link to the photobucket from the event as well.

As for the other blogs that covered event here is but a few.


Here is an interesting interview with Nick Rose the Winner
And a large event wouldn’t be complete without some YouTube videos!

So Nick has won two major events with Black Templars what could that mean for the meta (if anything) going into 2012?