So I have been thinking a lot about the Black Templars recently.

I’ve been wondering just how now the oldest current codex has won two major events in the last few months?

Granted they were played by same person, but that doesn’t mean the victories had everything to do with the player skill. Something must be going on in the BT codex that makes it possible for it to perform well at two large events.

Personally the Black Templars represent the weakest link in my 40k knowledge or play-testing. It is the only codex I don’t own. I have only played against them three times (all after the latest FAQ) in 5th ed twice winning and the third time my Orks got curbed stomped. In all the games I just treated them like any Marine army and went about my business.

What I find interesting though about the Black Templars is how no one seems to be playing them even in light of the FAQ update. It could just be my local area, but if you read blogs and follow forums little discussion is made about them. I can remember the second latest FAQs went up everyone couldn’t stop talking about the Dark Angels being the second coming when if you follow tournament results they seem to have amount to nothing. Remember all the discussions focused on the Death Wing and how all Terminator armies were going to dominate.

 How did that turn out for everyone?

What makes it even stranger is on paper BT seems better than DA all around. Re-rolling everything, cheap troops, tank hunters and not to mention the vows. Still I would consider myself a total amateur when it comes to any discussions about the Black Templars .

So I am curious does Darkwynn know something I don’t?

The internet tells us Land Raiders are point sinks, but in the case of Darkwynn and BT armies in general they seem like a must.

Could it really be as simple as the player is what makes the codex competitive? If it was put in the hands of net listers everything just fall apart or is it more likely the 40k Internet community has missed the boat while spending there hard-earned cash on Cyclone Missiles Launchers for Dark Angels? All I have to say is people better catch up because if (big if) Darkwynn wins Adepticon next year with Black Templars, expect BoLS and Ebay to be awash in everything BT from then to 6th edition.

Not to mention, think of the silly “leaf blower” type name that will be given if he Darkwynn wins with it. My suggestion while we are at is: The Reach Around?

Since I don’t have a lick of Black Templar knowledge I am curious to hear what people think about the codex currently and should people pay more attention to these bad boys of the easily placed Catholic joke?