I should have known better, but the heat of the moment got the best of me. Typically I get double verification for a rumor or leak, but this time I took a leap of faith and decide to take a risk and capture the moment and jump on the 6th pdf leak bandwagon. So I posted the leak on my site roughly the same time it was appearing on other forums and sites. I even begged the question, “too good to be true”, giving me cover if I was wrong.¬† I wanted to believe, the PDF took some of the best ideas from other games and mashed them into 40k. The biggest clue I should have seen right off the bat.

I couldn’t shake the feeling that something wasn’t right. The changes were just so big, the mixing of the phases, evasion to name a few. Still though I just couldn’t image close to 200 pages of FAQs and rules being a hoax. A hoax that big just didn’t seem worth the hassle for its creators.

Either way it is time to make it official the 6th ed leak codex is a…


It took 48 hours of investigation, but now I can say that with almost 99% certainty that the leaked 6th ed pdf is a total fake.

Now this certainty doesn’t just come from my usual sources, it also comes from other people in the know and trusted confidants. So unless this is some ploy by GW to deflect the leak, I cannot see how it is anything, but a fake.

Good thing with rumors and leaks is no one dies and everyone has something to talk about. Who knows I might still give these fake rules a try they certainly look fun.