Judging from the comments it seems everyone has an opinion on the fake 6th edition leak. I want to reiterate that I  still think it is fake– I trust my sources until they fail me. With that said I got an email from a reader that laid out the major arguments for the pdf being the real deal.

Before I post you the email I want to mention one thing that came up from various people. I have not been contacted by Games Workshops legal team. They really have better things to do (like dealing with Chapterhouse) than hitting me over the head with an automated legal notice. As well as Jan 15th the second link for the PDF is still up and has been up since Jan 11th so much for GW caring…so far.

#1 Gw uses a very custom font, companies pay huge money, and it’s not
something that anyone but the company who paid for it can use. All of
GW products are written in this font, as well as this leak, there is
no way anyone outside of Gw would have access to that font.

#2 for a file that is published back in may, they have a ton of stuff
in it that is only a brand new release, like the necron stuff, the
tesla weapons, the catacomb barges. All of this is in this leak, only
GW would of known about the names of weapons like this so far ahead,
not even the rumors hinted at the names of the weapons.

#3 The baron from DE has a very weird rule, the bones of the seer, it
says “Add +1 to your rolls for choosing your deployment area” Now in
5th there is no deployment roll, only first turn roll. But in 6th, you
roll for deployment first, and who ever wins that has to start the
bidding for who goes first.

#4 It’s missing the first 22 pages, which if you read the opening
paragraph, it states that you should play a few games with the basic
rules, before moving on to these rules. Why would anyone but GW leave
out the first 22 pages? If someone faked it, why not do 1-100 or how
ever. Instead it’s perfectly laid out for the basic rules. Also the
perfect areas for the artwork…

#5 Think of how many options are now viable from ALL codex’s, I mean,
god man spawn are now viable! pyrovores are viable! Everything in one
fell swoop has been brought into line, how many people, how many
hours, and resources would it take for people to play test all of
this? There is no way 1 person could write something this balanced.
Think of going thru each codex looking at everything, and balancing it
against everything else. This isnt a month or 2 process but more then
likely been in effect since 5th hit. Think of the squad leaders having
very weird upgrades that no one would ever take, like invul saves etc
now we know why! 6th is built around squad leaders.

#6 Sisters codex, we can all agree sisters got it rough, none of there
stuff made a shred of sense, that is until this book opens it up,
Sisters are better in CC with pistols, have a number of different
pistols, and have twin pistols.
Sisters have assault weapons and flamers.
Sisters make constant use of transport vehicles.
Sisters now have 6++ saves for avoiding critical hits.
Sisters have “normal” power weapons.
Sisters have jump troops, scout troops, walkers and tanks.
Sisters have bolters for rapidfire.
Sisters can give themselves special rules briefly, to better gauge
their usefulness.
Sisters don’t typically assault, but aren’t miserable at it.

#7If the black templars are the next codex, then this is a true leak,
the wargear section mentions a “zeal pistol” But nothing like this
exists right now in the game, if the BT codex has it, then this is a
real leak and more then likely more finished then we realize.

#8 For a long time, Gw has been switching out box sets for infantry
for a long time now, instead of 20 guardsmen in a box, it’s 10, Slowly
they have changed all of the box sets, with this edition of rules,
they can now sell more infantry easily because this edition favors
both, what costs more? the answer is easy, and thats infantry by a
long shot, even more now that GW has changed everything to smaller
boxes, remember Gw is in this to make money, I highly doubt a
multimillion dollar company is as dumb as we all think they are,
maybe, just maybe, they are smarter then all of us. Maybe this has
been so well planned in advance, that it’s finally coming together?
After all, we would be fools to think that a publicly traded company
would not have a 5 year business plan, maybe this was all apart of it.

Does that pretty much cover it? What other things do you think gives us clues for the PDF being real? Should someone be swayed by these sets of arguments?