Last weekend saw a GT take place in the land of Purple Rain, otherwise known as Minneapolis Minnesota. The Dark Star GT is one of the few events held in that part of the country that is not named Adepticon so it was good to see large turnout of 60 players showing up for a throw down.

A list of participants and their armies can be found here…

As for the winner it was Grey Knights.

Now typically I would cry to myself and  lamented the sight of Psy Dreds, Purifers, or razorback spam. NOT this time though we in fact have a creative list (minus its own spam) that didn’t rely on the typical yawn inducing tricks we have come to despise with Grey Knights. It doesn’t hurt that it was also played by one of the consistently best players around: Hulksmash otherwise known as Brad Townsend.

Here is a look at Brad’s Grey Knights.

Brad Townsend’s Grey Knights Best Overall Dark Star GT 2012

All foot Grey Knights– pretty impressive.

Not only can it break up into 10 scoring units, each Strike squad can deep strike if needed. Brad faced off against three Orks, one SM, and one BA. Brad will have a report up sometime this week so we can see exactly how he did it.

It will be up on his own blog here.

As for other coverage a few other blogs had reports.

and full detailed results should appear here at some point.

I didn’t see any links for pictures from this event so if anyone has them just link it in the comment section.

With President’s day coming up we are going to be hit with a truck load of GTs for the weekend. Will try to hit all of them up when results come available. As well the inaugural 3++ con is happening  Down Under so look for plenty of info popping up around the net about that one.

As always check out Blood of Kittens event site for a calendar upcoming GT in North America.

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