Well I tried to get the painting ball rolling again. Firstly I chose a character, repetitive batch painting is the devil if your hobby mojo is on life support, I wanted to have fun with sometheing, also the rule was to put it down and go away the second it started to become dull or achey or whatever, just put it down and walk away, the less sick of it you are the easier to pick it up again it is!

I did bits and pieces in different sessions often with hours or a day in between, net result I think I think I enjoyed this, you can tell I have become rusty, and cant get a decent picture of his face either my photography is a touch rusty too but I imagine it’ll pick up as I start doing more and taking more pictures, not for a painting contest or anything anyway, I always paint for me, I think me is ok with this, I usually have to step back for a couple of days, right now all I can see is the things I don’t like rather than the piece as a whole.

 I’m round a friends tomorrow for a painting day as moral support, He’s polishing off his GK list (boo hiss) for a tournament next week and I though I would finish modeling the basing and crew for the Tantalus, and getting some spray on, also I’ll look at the first batch of hellions so I can see how the Baron looks in a squad too.

I’m liking the idea of all female crew on the Tantalus, I have not used any of the Wyche crew supplied with the Venoms so far …..

Watch this space …