The amazing team that puts on the great hobby tournaments of Astronomi-Con are at it again with the 2012 season. Over President’s day weekend we have their only American event held in the heart of Texas in Dallas. As usually great tables, great fun, and interesting scenarios.

The Dallas event had 32 players and an award you don’t see anywhere else: Best Terrain! As for the main event Micheal Stanford won the whole thing with (big shocker) Grey Knights. It should be noted though that Best General was awarded to a Noise Marine Army!

Here is a close approximation of Micheal’s winning list.

Micheal Sanford’s Grey Knights Best Overall Astronomi-Con Dallas 2012

As for full results here you go…

Astronomic-Con Dallas 2012 Results

Here are some photos as well.

And some batreps

And if you want to find out more information about the great Astronomi-Con events check out there website at…

Anyway Grey Knights win again…

it seems like Grey Knights are on a streak of late we shall have to see if that continues this weekend with the Bay Area Open!