The circuit just keeps on trucking and another event with a name to long. The Battle at Stones Rivers (BFSR) named after a famous Civil War battle is a one day 40k tournament at a very Civil War point level (1863) and features rifles and swords as prizes for the winners!

The reason for the event’s long name comes its location in Murfreesboro where the Battle at Stones Rivers was fought. The BFSR is also one of the largest events held in Tennessee. As for the tourney itself it had 67 players and some great looking armies. The overall winner was once again not Grey Knights, but to an army that always seems ever the bridesmaid: Blood Angels. It shouldn’t come as any real surprise if you know the player that won– Brian Crew.  He is long time 40k tournament player that often keeps a low profile, but has played internationally in many major events. He is also one of the 40k old schoolers that likes to hide his army list from the Internet, but from pictures and reports I think I have been able to piece together a close proximity to the list. Here take a look…

Brian Crew’s Blood Angels Best Overall Battle for Stones River 2012

As for full results and all the coverage you could ever need head on over to

Here though are some highlights.

Brian Crew137Brian CrewBlood Angels Space Marines
Matt Rogers125Matt RogersGrey Knights
Tarzan Jensen123Tarzan JensenNecrons
Brendon Bowersox115Brendon BowersoxSpace Wolves
Grant Wyatt114Grant WyattImperial Guard
James Curry110James CurryImperial Guard
Clay Williams104Clay WilliamsNecrons
Brian Gladden103Brian GladdenEldar
Joshua Heath103Joshua HeathBlood Angels Space Marines
Willie Shannon102Willie ShannonGrey Knights
Andrew Gardenhire101Andrew GardenhireGrey Knights
Dung Trinh101Dung TrinhChaos Space Marines
Phillip French101Phillip FrenchSpace Marines
Brock Walker100Brock WalkerSpace Wolves
Keith Hoffman100Keith HoffmanBlood Angels Space Marines
Chris Enfinger99Chris EnfingerChaos Deamons
Mike Wooten99Mike WootenSpace Wolves
John Brewer97John BrewerSpace Wolves
Mathew Sego96Mathew SegoSpace Marines
Justin Munn95Justin MunnSpace Marines
Donovon Sims94Donovon SimsGrey Knights
Kevin Drury93Kevin DruryDark Eldar
Damon Booker92Damon BookerSpace Wolves
Glenn Jeffrey92Glenn JeffreyGrey Knights
Jason Finney92Jason FinneyGrey Knights
Justin Winters92Justin WintersImperial Guard
Patrick Gilliam92Patrick GilliamSpace Marines
Robert Blackwell90Robert BlackwellEldar
Chris Flanagan89Chris FlanaganBlood Angels Space Marines
Chris Bryant87Chris BryantSpace Wolves
Jeff Guillotte87Jeff GuillotteBlack Templars Space Marines
Al Gleason86Al GleasonSpace Wolves
Dan Rumley86Dan RumleyBlood Angels Space Marines
Kevin Schack86Kevin SchackNecrons
Shannon Dickens83Shannon DickensTau
Alan Edwards82Alan EdwardsOrks
Shane Grubb82Shane GrubbImperial Guard
Adam McReynolds81Adam McReynoldsTyranids
Cody Mitchell78Cody MitchellSpace Wolves
Raymond Linton78Raymond LintonDark Eldar
Adrien Brussard77Adrien BrussardImperial Guard
Andy Patton75Andy PattonSpace Marines
Jeremy Joe74Jeremy JoeSpace Marines
Mel Grubb74Mel GrubbOrks
Randy Miller73Randy MillerBlack Templars Space Marines
Don Bender72Don BenderTyranids
Alexander Veinberg71Alexander VeinbergSpace Wolves
Jon Rumley70Jon RumleyTyranids
David Dubious68David DubiousGrey Knights
Lance Adams67Lance AdamsOrks
Richard Gerbrandt67Richard GerbrandtSpace Wolves
Josh Alexander66Josh AlexanderBlood Angels Space Marines
Simon Crouch65Simon CrouchNecrons
Michael Bradley64Michael BradleyBlood Angels Space Marines
Perry Blackwell64Perry BlackwellSpace Wolves
Michael Romero63Michael RomeroGrey Knights
Jay Durall60Jay DurallSpace Wolves
Keith Rankim60Keith RankimImperial Guard
Victor Rasky56Victor RaskyChaos Space Marines
Dylan Ferraro53Dylan FerraroSpace Marines
Ryan Reed53Ryan ReedDark Eldar
Casey Workman51Casey WorkmanTyranids
Bryan Ragland49Bryan RaglandEldar
Jonny Patton49Jonny PattonSpace Marines
Matt Devill39Matt DevillSpace Wolves
Billy Witt38Billy WittNecrons
Daniel Ibarra-Scurr29Daniel Ibarra-ScurrTau

Here is the link for stats, pictures, and shots of the cool trophies!

more pictures

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