Not sure I have ever been this wired about an RP book , but they had me at the cover art  MinemineMINE !!

Path of the Renegade was good BTW people I’m looking forward to Andy C expanding a bit, path of the Incubus FTW.

In other NEws I have played around six games with the Tantalus so far , I cant make it work I give up , it’s a fail , I cant get my quins to work with DE either, mine were an inch out of assault due to a poor run roll the other day, they would have opened a can of woopass in my opponents lines but lost all but one man to a dreads shooting …. I’ll give em a couple more games for things to ‘click’ but it’s not looking good, the Tantalus is just not fun as you gimp your list to fit it in then it does nothing but die , damn you FW !!

Talking of pretty things with largely fail rules one of my buddies picked up the shadow Spectre Plord from WH world for me the other day , I’ll prob paint him as a break from DE/Black at some point in the next month or two.

There was going to be a vid bat rep but we both essentially failed alot and both of the cameras were playing up, I have looked at the footage we have and think it’s best to try again really.