The last six months have been how can we say…

interesting when it has come to rumors concerning our beloved Warhammer 40k.

With the so call “Hobbit” rumor lock down, reliable rumors have been hard to come by. Well finally, I am about to bring you a ray of light in the otherwise dark age of rumors, but before we get to any rumors let me start off by saying that I was wrong.

I was partially wrong about a certain rumor I’ve been repeating for the last year or so.

The main reason for the error is that I assumed Games Workshop would never have only one 40k codex for an entire calender year. Sadly, GW has a habit of disappointing…

So I want start by adding my voice to the venerable rumor monger Stickmonkey when he recently made mention, that Dark Angels weren’t coming till at least early next year.

40k players will only get one codex this year and that is Chaos Space Marines– along with 6th edition of course.

So the time-table has changed and looks like this:

June-July 6th Edition

Sept-Oct Chaos Space Marines

Sprinkle in some flyers, buildings, and that is all you will see from the 40k front for the year.

Now what about 6th edition and Chaos Space Marine rumors you might ask?

Well I got them and it is time for the other rumor mongers to join in.

I am pretty sure a few people have been siting on rumors for quite some time.

Like the pieces to a puzzle, if only everyone shows there pieces, then we will create a clear 6th edition picture.

So with the “gauntlet” thrown, I won’t be posting anything about 6th and the CSM codex today.

Instead I am going to wait one day to see if we can get others to shake that rumor tree first.

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WARNING to everyone expect the unexpected when it comes to GW– 6th edition is not going to be the 5th edition quick fix many people were hoping for.