Doing some re-posting that could not get around to updating to do server crashing.

Praise be to the Kelly everyone. The Kelly has blessed us with a divine gift of the champion of the Ward: Drago and we have suited him from the board!

In other news here is some pretty displays!





The Kelly spread the true word far and wide, in the end our only defeats came to the Cruddace! No Matt Ward broke us though!

There will be an upload of pictures, once the Kelly’s followers have rested.

So our team ended doing just as good as we did last year with us coming in roughly second for Spirit, but it was obvious we had more followers from the general population. We had a lot of draws this year anyway always next year! Here is a shit ton of photos for folks to see.

Here is a picture of my team!

Here is the embedded of all the pictures taken from that day!

As you can see lots of photos. Thanks to Drew for taking many of them from the