In my duty to catch up on all the Throne of Skulls events, I find myself looking back over a month ago to April Fools, and the Spokane Washington Tournament of Fools. The Tournament had 26 players and the over all winner ended up being…

wait for it…

Grey Knights! shocker I know!

Steve Glossner won best overall.

Steve went 5-0 over two days had a great time earning upwards of 300 bucks of free stuff! As well Steve runs a pretty sweet Squat themed army with Dwarf Berserkers as Death Cult

Anyway here is what his army list looked liked.

Steve Glossner’s Grey Knights Best Overall Tournament of Fools

For full results from the event here is link

Tournament of Fools Results

I wish has some pictures from the event, but I don’t so if anyone does please link below in the comments.

As for more upcoming events check out Blood of Kittens Tournament Calendar

Tournament Calendar