We are getting oh so close to the end of Games Workshop tournament experiment. What it will be replaced with? Who knows!

Anyway over last weekend we got a taste one of those fun casual events we rarely see and made even better this year being free of Pepper! The tournament in question is the one and only AlamoGT; known for its hot wings and beer wenches!

This year saw an influx of not so fun Grey Knight armies, but still by the end of the weekend the unexpected happened army (with a little help from soft scores). The army in question that ended winning best overall was…

Chaos Space Marines played by Kingsley Coppinger!

At 2000 points and beating out 61 players the list was…

Kingsley Coppinger’s Chaos Space Marines AlamoGT 2012 Overall Champion

Now you might start by saying, “well that is one crap list”. Well Kingsley only lost once and that was to Nids of all things! He played against two GK players and almost tabled both of them, so just goes to show, good generals beat good lists.

As for full results here is a link…

AlamoGT 2012 Results

As well if you want to follow Kingsley’s battle reports here are some links…



and if you cannot get enough of Nurgle Deamon Weapons winning games then take a load of some Slaanesh battle reports doing the exact same!


The AlamoGT always seem to be fun events. Many of the  BoLS crew played as well. I think Jwolf even went “undefeated” with Tau of all things.