Around this time, baby birds leave their nests and as such so does Games Workshop raises their prices. With this the annual raising of the prices, so does the annual threats of doom and gloom reign supreme. If, you went just by what the Internets said, you would think that every single person in the whole world was going to drop the game and pick up Dust. My hunch is, the mass of trolls that see GW self raping itself, are the same people who: either already half way out the door or don’t genuinely contribute to Games Workshop bottom line in any meaningful way.

It shouldn’t be discounted though, GW really REALLY needs a better marketing team or at the very least an online community liaison that actually talks to crazies to show at least some measure of diligence. If you also only listened to the Internet you would be under the impression that all items have gone up in price and by at least 25%. The truth, most items only went up in price by at MOST 15% and it was only 280 skews, not the entire line.

The extremely high price increases mostly went to terrain and accessories with laugh out loud moments going to…

MOONSCAPE $24.75 $17.00 45.59%

MODULAR MOVEMENT TRAY $16.50 $10.00 65.00%

40K BATTLEFIELD ACCESSORIES $19.75 $11.50 71.74%

Really though, what got everyone up in arms was the price increase to these little set of items…

CHAOS SPACE MARINE RHINO $37.25 $33.00 12.88%

DARK ELDAR RAIDER $37.25 $33.00 12.88%

SPACE MARINE RHINO $37.25 $33.00 12.88%

BLOOD ANGELS BAAL PREDATOR $57.75 $49.50 16.67%

CHAOS SPACE MARINE PREDATOR $57.75 $49.50 16.67%


SPACE MARINE WHIRLWIND $57.75 $49.50 16.67%

SPACE MARINE PREDATOR $57.75 $49.50 16.67%

SPACE MARINE VINDICATOR $57.75 $49.50 16.67%

ORK STOMPA $115.50 $99.00 16.67%

IMPERIAL GUARD BANEBLADE $115.50 $99.00 16.67%


And of course…

SPACE MARINE LANDRAIDER $74.25 $66.00 12.50%


Oh and did we mention this one?

STORMRAVEN GUNSHIP $82.50 $66.00 25.00%

I have to agree the Stormraven price increase is downright insane. I already hated how the model looked this is certainly not helping its cause.

All in all  most of the increases ain’t insane, the problem is that most players are MEQ players, and this goes direct to their pocketbooks. Didn’t hear anyone complaining about all the Fantasy stuff? Instead, it was all about how could GW raise the price on the Land Raider! You know that thing most players only ever use one of!

A certain disconnect exists that bothers me: all the complainers make it sound like their dreams are now dashed, like they really intended on buying a dozen Land Raiders if only they were still 74 bucks!

Games Workshop raised prices on their largest kits– the most iconic kits though. No one wants to see the Rhino go up in price because (the most popular vehicle kit in the game), but really a 13% price hike is going to make you quit the hobby?

A hobby that has been sucking your pocketbook for how many years again? Now you are saying this is the final straw? In a recent article, I posted about Star Wars vs. GW, I mentioned that both cared only about the younger generation, more than the fanatics, and even less the nerd ragers that feel the need to comment in every price hike thread across the universe.

All GW has to care about is will someone’s mommy pay $37.25 for a rhino? GW’s battle is with the moms of the world against other moms buying Jabba The Hutt’s Throne Playset for the same price. GW might not be explicitly aware, but their accountants have to know that the older player: either buys only a few models (add to existing armies) or recycle through the same $500 bucks– buying below retail and trading or selling off armies.

So thoroughly hate all you want, but GW already got your pound of flesh a long time ago, and if you want to cut your losses now go right ahead because even if you do run off to play Warmachine, GW knows the chances of you coming back are better than 50/50 given enough time…


Now for some Theory Hammer

Don’t you find it interesting that GW raises prices on all the SM/CSM tanks and transports just before 6th drops? Also interesting they bump up the terrain prices as well. It is almost as if they know you might have to buy all these things in a few months…