No it is not 6th edition!

Instead the last great convention send off for 5th edition will be happening!

In 21 days or so I will be heading to Austin, Texas for WargamesCon!

It is the con still formally known as BolsCon. WargamesCon is the second largest Wargaming convention in the country behind Adepticon.

This year expect it to be bigger and better than ever. They are moving to a larger hotel that happens to be closer to Austins great night life.

My favorite part about WargamesCon is the different ways in which you can play 40k. Besides the typical GT and Team Tournament, you also get a large Narrative event along with the Mirror Match.

I participated in last years Mirror Match tournament and I signed up again this year!

Mirror Match pits (almost) identical lists against one another in whats billed as a true test of skill on the battle field. For more information on what that entails here is a link.

Mirror Match Packet

For all those none 40k players, here is a list of all the other activities happening at WargamesCon

-Flames of War

Staff and demos from
-DUST Warfare
-Privateer Press (with a very spacial super secret surprise)

Full vendor areas (just like Adepticon)
Swag bags with goodies
Charity raffle armies for:
-40k (necrons)
-WM (mercs -pirates)

Like all major events that Blood of Kittens attends I will have live coverage of the event as it happens.

So if you are in the area or close by please make an effort to attended WargamesCon you will not be disappointed.