Comikaze is the one of the most unusual 40k experiences you can have. Imagine for a second you went to ComicCon and smack dab in the middle of the event is a 40k Tournament. Comikaze 2012 is that event and it is less than a month away on September 15-16th!

The good guys over at Zero Comp put on this event for the first time last year. I went and it was such an amazing experience that I cannot explain just how fun it was. Between games you can walk around see TV and movie stars or comic icons like Stan Lee. There are hundreds of vendors with everything to fill your geek needs. This year is going to be even  bigger and what I’ve been told the tournament will be right next to a half-pipe and Tony Hawk only spitting distance away.

The best part is the cost, for a GT style 2-day event you only have to pay $60 bucks and that gives you access to the entire convention as well. With most GTs around that cost anyway to get a full convention on top of that is a steal.

To learn more about the Comikaze Expo head to there website for details.

If you are interested in tickets go here.

I should also mention that Comikazi has girls to give you an idea here are some pictures of the armies and lovely ladies from team unicorn.

If you have questions about rules and what not for the tournament here is a link for that.

Get your tickets fast before it sells out!

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