Well after much thought and waiting for several months for GW to sort DE out, I’m signing off the gaming part of the hobby, I’ll continue to do single pieces that interest me and commissions.

It’s sad having the army laying about doing nothing and I could do with some cash in, as I need to buy a POS bike to run over the winter to save my Blade (british winters destroy machinery)

I have personal reasons for letting the army go too….

Here’s a link to some full army shots I made last year so you can see what it looks like on the table.

I won best DE general with this army and had ¬†full feature in ‘whats new today’ which came in the top three for that year , linky

Army comes with a full custom cut Battlefoam case which has room to expand the army into, it cost a fortune by itself … there is a glossy brochure/army list which I produced for TOS also included and a set of dice/objective markers that goes with the army colours.

I think most of the pictures are HERE my Flikr pool, a few of the DE models there are not part of the army, but I’m happy to discuss selling them as part of the collection.

I have often been told this is the best DE army out there, If you fancy owning it hit me up on Sorrowshard@gmail.com to discuss, please no time wasters only email me if you are genuine and understand the sort of money this is worth.

I look forward to hearing from you.



PS. I’m putting this up here so my regulars have a chance at it first , but in a few days this will be advertised everywhere else, I doubt it will hang around much after that ;o)