You may have noticed that Games Workshop has provided us with a new set of FAQs.

If you go to their website you can download them directly at this URL…

Game Workshop Shrine of Knowledge 40k FAQs

If you don’t want to take the time to download each one individually I compiled them all into one PDF for your  perusal.

Warhammer 40k Jan. 2013 FAQ Set

The highlights come from the Chaos Space Marine Codex and Necron Codex.

  • Abbadon can join any Marked Unit
  • Noise Marines can now take a Blastmaster in 5-man units
  • Heldrake Baleflamer is now a Turret
  • Necron Flyers embarked units don’t take any hits from a destroyed transports

As for the rest I am sure there are more fun tidbits!

I have to say, not that it is as fast as everyone would like, but GW has been SO much better than before at answering questions!

Just means that we as community have to keep on sending in the same emails for clarifications!

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