Once again I am taking part in another TSHFT event in sunny Seattle. This time it will be the biggest TSHFT of the year! The list I am taking is Necrons with Chaos Space Marine Allies. The general concept is have as many AV14 things I can bring!

Here take a look!

TastyTaste’s TSHFT Open NecronCSM List

The plan is it go against Meta and take advantage of the Melta-less environment which has developed in 6th edition. Hope it goes well! It should be a lot of fun no matter what; many players at TSHFT have seen my three Monoliths before and always enjoy seeing them.

Expect a lot of pictures of my games and the pretty armies I am sure to find throughout the day!

So game 4 hasn’t started TO is passed out waiting for him to get down and post it. Though no a big deal because everyone else is hungover so this isn’t such a bad thing

So game 4 started 10min late. Anyway played IG classic leaf blower with sister allies. Pulled out a draw on objectives which was fine with me all things consider.

Game 5!! Against Nathan Fluger so excited. He is running orks but it is objective game so he has a very good chance of winning

Fluger pulled it out because it ended on turn 5 but still would have been an upward slog for me to pull it out he just had to many troops. As it was learned a great lesson for the weekend. Don’t be cute and play to tricking the meta I got stomped with a trick list all weekend. Back good balanced forces for me!

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