If you have been reading this website since the beginning you've known Blood of Kittens has often illuminated some of the worst behavior many in our community have perpetuated.

At times I have gone after Battlefoam for their sometimes ruthless tactics to corner the foam market. 

Recently, it seemed like Battlefoam more importantly their owner Romeo has been keeping a decently low profile.

As it turns out, a pattern has developed that would make anyone squeamish dealing with Battlefoam.

It all started a few years ago when Romeo threw a tantrum at NovaOpen because the TO promised the biggest event ever and couldn't deliver. Now that doesn't seem too bad, but when you take into account that Romeo made the TO's mother cry that is saying something!

Then you have the case of Romeo promising a lifetime discount for anyone tattooing Battlefoam on their body. Well one sad individual did such a thing and Romeo denied ever making the offer. So, with email trail in hand the tattooed man got into a haggling argument over the percentage of the discount, with I think a final agreement settling at 30% off. Check out Carl Smith (The guy with the Tattoo) Statement on the matter...


Then there was last years Adepticon where Romeo threw another tantrum because a random podcast was trying to give a competitors foam away as prize support. Then, the following WargamesCon Romeo tried to change/reduce his prize support after already agreeing to a set amount. This continued to Feasts of Blades where Romeo changed the rules of the game by providing prize support not in the form of bags or foam, but in the form of three-month memberships to the 40k Radio forums a "$30 value". Intentionally, never defining what prize support ever meant.

Then there was last years Duelcon where Romeo partnered up with another gentleman to run the event. So, when the Warmachine side of the event fell flat Romeo attempted to fire the partner, somehow forgetting that he was in 50/50.

Now it comes to this year and Romeo is at it again, demanding Adepticon give him an entire ballroom for Battlefoam claiming that since Privateer Press and Flames of War get one he should too. Forgetting that Privateer Press and Flames of War actually pay for their Ballrooms and vendor booths, which unlike Battlefoam only ever provides prize support for space.

It also very curious because Privateer Press and Flames of War make games and those ballrooms are used for you know actual games. So, unless Battlefoam has some sort of foam game I am unaware of I just don't get it.



Finally, Romeo went psychotic tirade on the Infinity forums.

It all started when Romeo complained about being shitty at Infinity on 40k Radio.

That elicited the Corvus Belli forums members to troll Romeo trash talking.

In response Romeo when on (now deleted flame war) the forum threatening to come out and beat the shit out certain board members for their comments.

Then there is the continued foam wars has with Sabol and KR Multicase. Now you wonder why anyone would want to do business with Battlefoam? Well the answer is of course Battlefoam makes an amazing product. At some point though the behavior of the owner should be worth something.

Even when Battlefoam gives out honest prize support there is always a catch, like bags without any foam.

Now Battlefoam as embarked on another adventure with a Kickstarter for a game called Wild West Exodus. Unless you dig deep you would never know that Outlaw Miniatures and Battlefoam were the same thing. Now everything looks legit and product has been building for some time, but with Kickstarters loose rules I wonder if many of those pledges are ever going to see products without foamy "strings attached".

That is the main reason for this post is a warning for anyone considering investing in Wild West Exodus because once bitten by Battlefoam there is no going back.

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