It has been almost two years since the Heroes of Armageddon charity. Those unfamiliar, it was a charity raffle for pro-painted armies and various other great prizes.

All the proceeds went to Doctors without Borders and was wildly successful. Now the NovaOpen has picked up the slack to produce another charity raffle called “Redemption of the Fallen”. Here is the press release…

Three charity raffles will be ongoing from now through this year’s NOVA Open, highlighted by the “Redemption of the Fallen” project, put together in support of Doctors Without Borders by several exceptional artists within our community.

All raffle proceeds go in support of either Doctors Without Borders (Redemption of the Fallen 1850 pt Dark Angel army painted by a group of motivated 40k artists), Fisher House (House of the Silent King, a 1000 point Necron army painted by Stiffneck Studios), and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (Lightish Red, painted and donated by Brendon Caulkins, a 35 point Khador Warmachine force).

Besides the artists who put these raffle armies together, these projects are also supported by The Warstore (who provided the Dark Angels army for Redemption of the Fallen,, The NOVA Open (who provided the Necron force for House of the Silent King,, and KR Multicase. KR will be providing custom foam and carry cases for EACH of the raffled armies.

Work in Progress and finished pictures will be coming soon, including on the blogs of the artists.

Check it out …
Redemption of the Fallen 1850 Point Dark Angels:

This army will be painted by award winning (including golden daemon for some) painters: Tim Williamson of the Tau of War (who spearheaded the rebirth of the Doctors Without Borders project), Chris “Jawaballs” Dubuque, Mike Cho, Dan Withers of Valhalla Games, Gabe Dobkin, and Sean Gibson.

House of the Silent King 1000 Point Necrons:

Painted by Stiffneck Studios:

The Lightish Red Khador Warmachine Force:

One of the lessons learned from artists and contributors was that past projects of this sort ran into some difficulties due to the legality and challenges for online raffles, which are considered games of chance. Tireless amounts of time were put in by a small group of people (not including myself on this one!) to create the Foundation as a formal, legal, charitable nonprofit through which our community can efficiently and effectively raise money and dedicate time to excellent causes.

For complete details and visit the organizer’s blog at

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