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Seeking Pleasure...

Who ever said androgyny and seahorses weren't sexy? Seekers of Slaanesh have always been an excellent unit, but with the newest plastic models they took the leap into primetime. Seekers received a few changes, but those changes indubitably made them better. Now they lead arguably the most powerful of the Chaos Gods when it comes to the tabletop.

To get a better picture on just how nasty Seekers currently are, let us start where we always start, with a comparison between the new and old edition.

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Seekers of Slaanesh Rules 2013

Seekers of Slaanesh Rules 2008


Compare &  Contrast

  • Point Reduction from 17 to 12 points each
  • Loss of Grenades
  • Loss of an Initiative and Attack
  • Increased Weapon Skill from 4 to 5
  • Gained Scout

--The Orgy is always better with more--

At 17 points Seekers weren't begging for a cost reduction, but at 12 points they are pretty much a complete steal. It is an justifiable compensation when you consider stat reductions because you get a free Seeker for every three under the new point cost.

--A little more Acquiescence please--

Aura of Acquiescence was a great power for Seekers, but is clear that the design team doesn't want anything to do with Daemons having grenades. Besides having to deal with Dangerous Terrain checks Seekers won't get to use their great Initiative like before. This means opponents can actually play around Seekers if they must, in other words, a simple Aegis line can stop a good charge in its tracks.

--Blame the Horsey--

Like the rest of Slaanesh's units Seekers were hit with a bit of nerf, but also like most Slaanesh units it doesn't matter because you get units for less. The loss of attacks isn't that big of deal, but the Initiative stings a bit as now Eldar will strike at the same time as Seekers making she who thirsts a little less thirsty.

--The agility of crab claws--

Just like Deamonettes, having WS5 easily compensates for the loss of an attack. Now your Seekers will hit most targets on 3s meaning more wounds for rending, and along with the cost reduction makes this a true bonus! Take a Rapturous StandardOne Per Game, all models locked in combat with the Rapturous Standard unit suffer -D3 penalty to their Weapon Skill and it make for a delectable gorging as well.

--A party from every direction--

Now that Seekers have Outflank you have some intriguing possibilities. Best used in Hammer & Anvil deployments this little trick can bring Seekers behind an Aegis Line to get around pesky charges through terrain. Just too bad that in GW infinite wisdom you aren't allow to assault from reserve, but then again that is pretty game breaking.

Who ever said androgyny and seahorses weren't sexy?

Putting it all Together...

Seekers of Slaanesh pretty much have the world to themselves. They are fast, cheap, and deadly, just like most hookers. Of their intrinsic abilities Seekers's speed has to be the number one reason to take them. 6th edition assault is all about getting to your opponent before they can shoot you down and Seekers certainly need it the most.

There is no reason, and I mean no reason, Seekers shouldn't be assaulting something by turn two. As a Daemon of Slaanesh DoS have the Daemon. Fleet, and Rending special Rules. In addition, DoS Run an additional 3 inches and DoS Cavalry Run an additional 6 inches they get an additional 6" run move, at worse a Seeker unit is traveling 19" a turn, with Fleet! That gives your opponent only one round of shooting. Here comes the biggest Seeker drawback; they will be the number one target for your opponent. Since, Seekers have a weak toughness, no real way to get an addition save, or re-roll your opponent should see an easy target.

You have a few ways to defend against Seekers getting mowed down. One way is make sure you list has Flying Monstrous creatures, the best thing to put fear into your opponent more than Seekers. Another way is take multiple units of Seekers, forcing your opponent to split his fire. Since Seekers are so cheap taking a few units shouldn't be a problem. You can also Outflank and hope the rest of your army can whittle down your opponent, so they cannot bring their full arsenal to bare against the Seekers. Psychologically, many players will shoot at the first unit in front of them, so screening with Furies or Flesh Hounds isn't a bad idea either.

The killing ability of Seekers cannot be denied; full unit of 20 is only 240 points, and that is 80 potential Rending attacks on the assault. To make it even more appealing that first assault could have your opponent hitting Seekers on 5s with a Rapturous StandardOne Per Game, all models locked in combat with the Rapturous Standard unit suffer -D3 penalty to their Weapon Skill going off. The Rapturous StandardOne Per Game, all models locked in combat with the Rapturous Standard unit suffer -D3 penalty to their Weapon Skill is paramount because it can act like pseudo grenades as your opponent futilely swings back.

There are also ways to protect Seekers in assault. Fiends of Slaanesh complement Seekers very well with a combo charge to reduce an opponents Initiative by five. Herald of Slaanesh with the psychic power AcquiescenceMalediction. Targets 1 enemy unit in 18 inches. Target suffers -5 to Initiative and cannot use Counter-attack or Overwatch has a even better effect. Besides the Initiative penalty you stop Overwatch in its tracks, something very critical in the new Tau heavy world. Speaking of Heralds, Seekers really love a Herald not only for psychic powers, but Locus. Once again you will be looking at Exalted Locus of BeguilementThis model, and all models in its unit, re-roll failed To Hit rolls in close combat. In addition, challenges issued cannot be refused, and the challenge must be accepted by model of the Herald's choosing. as the best of the bunch. Re-rolling hits every turn increases the staying power of Seekers in addition to increased damage output. If it wasn't for smart opponents the Greater Locus of SwiftnessThis Model, and all models in its unit, have a +5 bonus to their Initiative characteristic would be a consideration, but with terrain and only a few armies where high Initiative matters it's not really worth it.

Seekers can also get a decent upgrade character (Heartseeker) that has a extra attack and can take challenges. With Rending it is not worth using the points for a Magical Weapon Once a character's rewards are determined, he can choose to swap a single Lesser, Greater, and/or a single Exalted reward for result on the relevant table; this is the only way to receive a Magic Weapon, but investing 20 points on two random Lesser Rewards can be worthwhile. If the Heartseeker can get either Corrosive BreathTemplate S5 AP5 Assault 1, Armourbane or Warp BreathRange 18 inches S8 AP4 Assault 1, Soul Blaze you will have two powers that can crack transports. Cracking transports before an assault has always been important part of the game and 6th edition is no different.

As alluded to before, Seekers are very fragile and it is what makes them a balanced unit. So, caution is required when using them. Seekers should lead an Daemonic Assault, but preparing the battlefield for their embrace is a good course of action. That means having Soul Grinders or Cannons of Khorne providing covering fire. Generally, throwing so many threats at your opponent giving them choices without any good outcomes.

If your opponent has an equally aggressive army, then consider Outflanking, because it provides a way to tactically asset the game in later turns, and keep your opponent guessing.

--Ways to play Seekers of Slaanesh-

Death Star Configuration: 215 pts 15-man unit of Seekers of Slaanesh with Heartseeker, Rapturous Standard

Balanced Configuration: 211 pts 13-man unit of Seekers of Slaanesh with Heartseeker, Rapturous Standard, 2 Lesser Rewards

MSU Configuration: 97 pts 5-man unit of Seekers of Slaanesh with Heartseeker, 2 Lesser Rewards

Horde Configuration: 275 pts 20-man unit of Seekers of Slaanesh with Heartseeker, Rapturous Standard

A Word about Allies

Seekers of Slaanesh are fantastic allies going great with almost any force. They have the numbers and speed many ally forces lack, and even better allies can support Seekers with shooting, something not readily available in most Daemon armies. As an ally it is also an opportunity to use Outflank, especially if the rest of your army is pretty static.

Remember unlike other Battle Brothers Daemons ICs cannot join with Chaos Space Marine units under any circumstance.

Final Thoughts...

Overall, Seekers of Slaanesh are one of the best units in the codex. They are great for leading the charge and 12 points you cannot ask for better unit to handle almost any situation. Seekers look fantastic on the battlefield with some of the best looking models GW has made, and with the exception of AV13 Walkers they don't have to worry much about being tied up in pointless combats.


It's Like Tactics is rated theory hammer because these are general observations and assumptions based on only few tested games.