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The many heads of Fate

Kairos Fateweaver is the leader of the circus; a character forever loathed by his enemies and loved by his users. Fateweaver the double-headed vulture has been completely repurposed for 6th edition, but is it for the better? Oh, please, do I really need to answer that?

Looking at Fateweaver's transformation from 5th to 6th is the best place to start to understand just how different this creature has become.

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Kairos Fateweaver Rules 2013

Kairos Fateweaver Rules 2008



Compare &  Contrast

  • Decrease in points 333 to 300 points
  • Change to Oracle of Eternity
  • The Two Heads of Fate
  • Staff of Tomorrow
  • Profile Overhaul

--Fated to be Cheaper--

This unnecessary point decrease is a pleasant surprise, when you compare how expensive the other Flying Monstrous Creatures are you realize the bargain you get with Fateweaver. Remember, you are getting a Mastery Level 4 psyker with plenty of other tools to throw around.

--Tzeentch Saw it Coming--

The first obvious change you will notice about Fateweaver is the re-roll save bubble being gone. The Oracle of Eternity is now just his personal invulnerable save. When 6th was released and the power of All that Flies emerged it became quite certain that this power was going to be stripped real fast.

--Split into Two--

The fluff is silly, but the creativity of this special rule is undeniable. The Two Heads of Fate was a great way to replace all the old Daemonic Gifts. Now Fateweaver gets to "keep" his amazing powers in updated unique way; making Fateweaver both a firebase and buff base at the same time.

--Give a Vulture a Bone--

Staff of Tomorrow is the replacement for the old Oracle of Eternity rule. In some ways it is better because not only does it allow Fateweaver to not be so one tricksy, but now Fateweaver can combo with other random roll things in the game.

--Keep Flying--

If you didn't already know, Fateweaver should never get in Assault. Everything about the changes to Fateweaver's profile has to do with making him completely useless in assault. The biggest bonus change though is his increase number wounds and boy will he need all of them. Regardless of editions, one thing is for certain all guns will be pointed at Fateweaver.

Kairos Fateweaver is the leader of the circus; a character forever loathed by his enemies and loved by his users.

Putting it all Together...

Kairos Fateweaver metamorphosis is a lot like many units in the Daemon codex having been expanded and fleshed out.

Fateweaver is the primary tool for most current competitive Daemon lists and that isn't going to be changing soon.

The beauty of Kairos Fateweaver is longer being a one trick pony. Fateweaver isn’t regulated to just providing an invulnerable bubble and gone are the silly running away rules, but he is limited by the type Deamon armies you want him to join; for this reason you may have noticed the plethora Flying Circus armies using Fateweaver. Fateweaver does a good job of keeping those monstrous creatures flying. Fateweaver access to so many spells providing the circus buffing as well.

Fateweaver having the Lord of Unreality warlord trait is key; having to deal with effects that could ground your Monstrous Creatures prematurely. Then the Lord of Unreality in conjunction with and the Staff of Tomorrow, will almost guarantee never a bad result on the Warp Table. As for the Staff of Tomorrow itself, this little trick item is usable on pretty much anything, in turn changing the course of a game easily. Players have taken advantage of the re-roll on stuff from the Portaglyph to the Grimoire of True Names and that is only scratching the surface.

Fateweaver effectiveness is dependent on keeping him airborne. Avoiding Assault is paramount, so you might find yourself using that extra re-roll for grounding tests more than anything. There is really no good reason for Fateweaver to be on the ground; with only one attack, it is incredibly easy for him to lose even the most inane Assault and force an instability check.

All of Fateweaver's tricks are amplified by his psychic abilities. You can go a few routes with Fateweaver, like all combat spells, with Psychic Shriek and all the Change powers. Of course, though Fateweaver is a psyker for every season, by virtue of having access to Prescience alone. Better still, with a little luck Fateweaver can get everything else good from Endurance to Invisibility. You can start to see the many reasons Fateweaver is must buy for any Flying Circus list. Fateweaver doesn’t have any upgrades or access to Hellforge Artifacts, easily taken care of by, you guessed it, other Monstrous Creatures.

What happens if your Daemon universe doesn’t revolve around running winged beauties? This is where Fateweaver isn’t always the must have option. When you spread Fateweaver’s abilities over many or large units his usefulness is diminished. One re-roll on low model count armies is great, but with a horde it can be inconsequential. Fateweaver, while an amazing Psyker is replaceable by multiple cheaper psykers. And at 300 points you better make the right decisions when it comes to deciding on Fateweaver. Fateweaver taking up a chunk points can be better spent on other units more assault capable.

The biggest danger with Fateweaver, is many players constant reliance on him as the army lynchpin. Getting cute and using Hellforge Artifact items can quickly backfire by a few bad rolls and once grounded T5 doesn't prevent Fateweaver from dying to something like a unit of Firewarriors. 

The Flying Circus and horde armies are on the opposite Daemon army spectrums. As for balanced lists Fateweaver is pretty effective spearhead, because of all the tricks rolled up into one. Using more as a firefighter than anything else.

Fateweaver also takes full advantage of the emergence of Herald Star lists. This is another reason Phil Kelly's decision to have Heralds and Greater Daemons both available a creative boon for Daemon armies design. As long as Fateweaver can focus on one or two units with his abilities you really can't go wrong.

--Kairos Fateweaver Sample Lists--

Kairos Fateweaver Sample List 1

Kairos Fateweaver Sample List 2

Kairos Fateweaver Sample List 3

Kairos Fateweaver Sample List 4

 A Word about Allies

Fateweaver doesn't always make the greatest of Allies since his Warlord trait is wasted in a secondary detachment, but if he is in the primary detachment, he can use his re-roll on the random stuff your ally might have. Having Fateweaver with so many Psychic powers more than likely an ally force won't have can only help.

Remember unlike other Battle Brothers Daemons ICs cannot join with Chaos Space Marine units under any circumstance.

Final Thoughts...

Overall, Fateweaver is the current flavor of the month, a prospect unchanged for the foreseeable future. The fundamental effectiveness of Flying Monstrous Creatures is here to stay till the next edition. Fateweaver just does so much for certain Deamon lists, making him indispensable for anything with a low model count.


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