As many of you already know, earlier this week news broke about Sisters of Battle and Blood Angels getting a 6th edition update. Since the image showed was a little bit confusing many people (me included) thought it was a hoax, but as it turns out it is gospel!

Things though stay unclear. It seems that according White Dwarf only the Sisters of Battle will be updated with Warlord Traits. The part about Blood Angels seems to make clear only thing happening is an iPad version of their current codex, without anything special. What is also interesting; will the Sisters update be only for iPad or for Android as well? As is always with gamers, what about the price of the Sisters of Battle Codex? My guess, knowing Games Workshop,we are looking at $30-$40 price range.

This update also implies (combined with no update for the Blood Angels) new Sisters of Battle are a long, long, long ways off for new models and a codex.¬† I also hope this means, a full FAQ update for all the codexes is around the corner, because we haven’t had a sizable one since April.

If you want to delve into even more speculation here is High Def picture of the White Dwarf page illustrating the news.