It is customary for me to scour the YouTubes for the silly or odd ball of Warhammer Videos. I have found many in my travels, but one element always seems to follow me. One singular song is set above as the unofficial soundtrack for Warhammer.

Now us old fogies might think it would be something from Bolt Thrower, but no that would make too much sense. Instead, it is one band and one song held above all else!


It is the type of song that speaks to the inner 13-year-old in all of us, especially the 13-year-old who won’t lose his virginity until some time between his 35th and 40th birthday. I just don’t get it maybe it has something to do growing up around some serious metal music in California, but Dream Evil is one female singer removed from Evanescence inspired romantic neofolk nonsense. I guess by throwing in the words “Slay the Dragon” every┬ánerdgasm is electrified. Maybe I just don’t get Swedish “Metal”. To give you an idea on how pervasive this song is for this link…

Dream Evil Warhammer Videos

Here are some of my special favorites…




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