Talk about Games Workshop leak down, no one saw this coming!

If you been living under a rock the last few hours you are not aware of all the new sporetastic Tyranid models about to hit this week.

Mycetic Spore is back with a name change to be all copyrightable: The Tyrannocyte!

More importantly, what does this mean for all the units removed from the new codexes?

It means they should be coming back, like Vect and all the Imperial Guard characters could be making their way back within a year. You have to hand it to GW, they have out done themselves this time. I should apologize to GW, it seems the model removals weren't based on spite or being legally lazy, but they might actually care about customers, who feel their armies have gaping holes. I hope they keep this up and we see the return of all that has been lost in short order!

And if you still haven't seen the new models, well you are in luck here is a compiled picture gallery below. They are really amazing!

spore1 spore2 spore3 spore4 spore5 spore6 spore7 spore8 spore9


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