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Network News: New Compendium!


Network News is rated: trending towards the land of make believe importance for this blog

Thanks to the suggest of some great Blood of Kittens readers I have decided to create a new compendium! This newest addition is dedicated to competitive players with the desire to track down the top army lists!

Top Tournament List Compendium


This new compendium will attempt to track all the top lists from large Warhammer 40k events from around the World. The rules are simple if an event has 30 or more players and 5 or more games it will make it on the list. To make it easy for Blood of Kittens, we are only tracking ITC events being the easiest to find results for. Most events will only have the Top 3 placing lists, with only the largest events having more. The lists are categorized by army with the Detachment with the most points being the deciding filter factor. One important thing to keep in mind when viewing lists is understanding some lists might be with older codex versions and many tournaments use specific army building rules, so make sure to check out the event pages if you are confused by certain lists.

If you look at the compendium you will notice a familiar layout to other compendiums, with lists are inside each tab with almost all lists converted to Army Builder format for viewing. You will also notice a broken link for another page, by April 2016 Blood of Kittens will have a companion page to go along with the Tournament Compendium that follows the GT and Major events from the ITC. Most tournament coverage will be funneled between both pages as a hub for competitive players.

I hope you will enjoy this new compendium it is currently sparse, but as event results happen lists will be posted up on a monthly basis. Can’t wait see where this all goes!

7th Edition Top Tournament List Compendium

The Tournament Compendium is the best place to find the top lists from around the World for Warhammer 40k 7th Edition.

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