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40k Buying Guide: Khorne Daemon & Daemonkin


40k Buying Guide is rated empty your pockets. These articles are meant to help you continue complaining about GW pricing schemes at the same time you are buying used models on Ebay

One of my favorite thing to do is look for Warhammer 40k deals, most of the time it is totally fantasy window shopping as the game is becoming excessively expensive. I like to think of buying a new army like buying a new video game console with a couple of games, looking at it this way is more digestible. Currently, if you pay full retail most 1500-1850 point armies will run between $500-1000 dollars. I never spend more than $500 for a new army, anything over isn’t worth it to me. The last few years have been really tough trying to buy new army, usually waiting for holiday deals or massive online discounts.

Things look to be changing though, as Games Workshop has introduced the Start Collecting! army boxes. This sets are fantastic deals, deals we haven’t seen since the 1st edition release of Apocalypse. Since they have been released I have explored investing in a new army. One army in particular seems to give you the best value overall: Khorne Daemons. The reason for this twofold, first off the Khorne model line is almost completely plastic, but more importantly the Start Collecting! box has near perfect unit selection.

Unlike all other Start Collecting! sets where you get a HQ you don’t want after the second box, the Khorne’s HQ is a duel kit making it possible to buy set after set and get your monies worth. Going Khorne also means you have access to playing two different codices: Daemons and Khorne Daemonkin.

So, this leads us back to what exactly can you get with $500 if you want a cheap fun army like Khorne Daemons? Let us start by valuing things at the full retail price without any online discount. After, I show you how I would spend the discount money and why.

What do you get with this haul?

  • 4 Skull Cannons

  • 70 Bloodletters

  • 12 Bloodcrushers

  • 30 Chaos Warhounds

That is 116 models, but secretly you can stretch this out to 128 models, by separating the Bloodletters and Khorne Heralds from the Skull Cannons kits. That is eight additional Bloodletters and four Heralds! You might be asking about the Warhounds? Well most savvy players know Chaos Warhounds are the cheapest stand-in for the way too expensive Flesh Hounds.

When buying an army, especially beyond just getting what you like, is looking to buy strategically. In the current form of the game that means buying with an eye to Formations and Detachments. The above list gets you off to a great start, filling out certain formations for both Khorne Daemonkin and regular Daemons.

  • Murderhorde
  • Gorethunder Battery
  • The Bloodied Horde
  • Charnal Cohort

You are also on your way to filling out a few more, not to mention you have every force org slot besides Lord of War filled. Now, what happens if you can get an online discount, what should you add?

With the 10% off discount you open up a lot for the Khorne Daemonkin with two more Formations.

  • Slaughtercult
  • Gorepack

Take the six Chaos Space Marines and convert them Possessed using all the extra Daemon bits you will have.

With the 20% off discount it is more about Chaos Daemons, as you now get another Deamon Formation

  • Forgehost

The Soul Grinders are also important for the Blood Cult Detachment since they fill auxiliary slots.

With the 30% off discount you get the same as 20% off, but now you have the Bloodthrister. You can make better use of your money if you are going for more models, but I just feel like at this point you can invest in a centerpiece. Alternatively, you can take the same money used on the Bloodthrister and apply it the same way as the 10% off list and add even more!

When you get a discount really try to think of it as extra money; once you have the basic units try add units you want not just what you think is the best value.

I hope this helps, if you are thinking of starting a Daemon army. It doesn’t hurt that Khorne is one of the easiest and quickest armies to play as you only have to deal with playing into phases of the game for the most part.

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